How It Works - Glasgow Tripper - Smart Travel Card

Glasgow Tripper tickets let you hop on and off thousands of buses in and around the city.

It’s the smart choice for great value bus travel and gives you access to most of the buses from the city’s main bus operators.

Travel across the service of McGill’s, First Glasgow, Stagecoach West, West Coast Motors and Whitelaws – with the same ticket! Gone are the days of buying different tickets from each of the operators.

Person using their Tripper ticket on a bus

How do I sign up?


Head to the App Store

Download the McGill's, First Glasgow or West Coast Motors mobile app & setup an account.


Buy Your Ticket

We offer a selection of ticket types including day, weekly and flexi day ticket bundles.


Catch Your Bus

Open your ticket when you board & scan on the ticket machine. It's that simple!

Ticket Types

We have a range of tickets to suit your needs so whether you're working part time only needing travel for a couple of days a week to people commuting for work - we have you covered.



Ticket is valid for day of purchase until 4am



Ticket is valid for 7 days from day of purchase

Flexi 3 Day Bundle


Ticket is valid for use any three days within 7 days

Flexi 5 Day Bundle


Ticket is valid for use any five days within 14 days

Flexi 10 Day Bundle


Ticket is valid for use any 10 days within 28 days

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and take advantage of Glasgow's extensive bus network!

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